Shower Replacement

Same Layout - New Look

Upgrade your current shower with new Tile, Frameless Glass, New High Quality Shower Fixture, and New Shower Pan that is Built to Last.


Custom Shower

Expand and Redesign Configuration  

Wanting to reconfigure your current shower? Making it larger or with special seating and amenities is a popular choice when having a shower replaced,


Space Conversions

Converting Spaces into Showers

A very popular reconfiguration in a bathroom we do is converting an existing space like a Tub or other Space into a Walk-in Shower. Many other conversions are available and below are just a few of the possibilities, 

  • Tub/Shower to Walk-in Shower
  • Roman or Garden Tub into Walk-in Shower
  • Convert Shower and Roman Tub Space into Large Shower and Closet. 
  • Relocate Shower In Bathroom

All Shower Builds Include


  •   Demolition
  • Removal of all debris
  • Replacement of any damaged wood
  • Removal of mold and mildew
  • Pressure treated lumber where needed
  • 1/2” Concrete board walls
  • Custom built concrete shower pan with pan liner -Joint sealer
  • New shower fixture and drain
  • Shower glass
  • Main wall tile and accent stone
  • Mold resistant grout
  • Versa-bond thin-set mortar to set tile and stone.  (We will NEVER use mastic in a shower as it will not  hold up in a wet area like thin-set mortar).
  • Inset niche
  • Corner Shelf (Fabricated out of main tile for a  custom look).
  • Custom corner seat or bench (All shower seats and  benches are fabricated inside the shower pan area out of concrete for long lasting durability without leakage and will not deteriorate like a wood framed seat or bench).  

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