What we find

In many cases, we are contacted to repair or replace a previously remodeled Bathroom (Mostly Showers) do to the substandard workmanship or lack of knowledge from other contractors. The images below are of projects either conducted by  Other  Contractors, Flooring Companies, DIY-ers, or from Home Builders. What sets us apart from all of these cases below is, BATHWORKS of DFW only uses our team of professionals to conduct our work when remodeling a bathroom.

By having our own staff conduct the work and not rely on sub contractors and day laborers, this means all of our staff is on the same page at all times - keeping quality and standards high  in all areas of the project and keeping your project on schedule. 

The image to the left was a corner shower that was laid with mastic and onto green board. the studs in the entire shower area had completely rotted out. This poorly constructed shower not only caused a leak and deterioration to the area, but the structural integrity of this two-story house was also compromised from this poorly built shower. 

bad material selections


Bad Material Selection

This shower lasted about 4 years after being remodeled by a local handyman. The tile was applied with mastic which seemed to still be soft after all the years and laid onto green board (green sheetrock). With a combination of these two materials, this shower had no chance of lasting as long as it could for the homeowner. The green board was so wet, we put an ohm meter on it and it held resistance which meant if any electricity were to come in contact inside the walls with this shower, it would have been fully electrified. The main reason we bring this up is this shower was in close proximity to the house's main electrical panel. 

To learn about materials we use in our showers, please look at our Shower section on our WebSite.

the bad hire

This was a really sad situation for these homeowners. They were referred by a family member to use this man that had done work around the family member's home recently and trusted him to conduct a full bathroom remodel. Several weeks went by as this guy tinkered and toyed in their master bathroom doing God knows what. After a few weeks he asked them for $3,000 to buy the needed materials to continue on and start tiling - He disappeared. 

We had to come in and do a complete reconstruction of the bathroom. There were so many bad decisions made in the work done by this guy that I do not even know where to start listing them out. Old fixture directly over the bench, wood framed bench (our benches are made from concrete) sheetrock inside the shower, NO SHOWERPAN ANYWHERE, patched framing work, Mushed concrete inside the walls (to this day I have no idea what he was trying to accomplish by doing that) and the curb was nailed using a finishing nailgun - the work was so poorly executed, you could pull the studs apart with your hands.  

cheaper is not always better


The "Discount" Granite Companies

We have One, and only ONE Fabricator for our granite and solid surface materials for countertops and other solid surface applications. Our granite and solid materials are going to be more than the price you see advertised on the side of the road at a remnant slab yard - an example would be, "Granite $24.99 INSTALLED"! Well, that price usually comes with a minimum square footage, small selection of materials, doesn't include sinks, backsplash, tearing out the old countertops, edge details, the list can go on... Also, a lot of these companies hire lower grade workers or day laborers to install the material.

Here you will see images of the work of one of those "Discount" Granite Installers. The hole on the right was a light switch, they decided it was best to bust out the light switch, bang up the walls and trim to get their slab installed instead of optimizing onsite to make it fit better. In hindsight, the homeowner wished they would have went with us to install their countertop instead of using us for everything else and going rogue on the granite installation. The little savings they saved by not using us went towards the electrical, wall, and paint repairs needed. It ended up costing more than just going with us in the first place. The Granite Company told the homeowner this was normal installation wear and they are on their own. Great customer service, eh?


Damaged Wall


That was the light switch for the bathroom

the wall of shame

Flooring Contractors, Handyman Services, and The "We can do it All" Guys

There are tons of companies out there that love to dabble in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling business. As well, there are a number of companies that will do just about anything to get some work - including doing work that they have little or no knowledge about. Well, below is a gallery full of images of showers we have had to replace from these companies taking a dive into the bathroom remodeling business. But you may ask why does this happen? Tile work is tile work, right? WRONG! There is a completely different approach and skill set you need to master before attempting to construct a shower, and tiling is the easiest part. There are numerous steps and materials required to make a shower sustain over the years and not leak. Ask anyone in our company and they will tell you, "A really good floor tile setter is considered an assistant on our jobs" this is because we take our work and procedures very seriously when it comes to building a shower. 

From nailing through the shower pan to installing the drain body upside down, there seems to be no-end to the "wrong ways" to build a shower. Below are some images of the failures we have had to replace.